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3 macro-parameter

For each cryptoasset the FV Score is calculated, resulting from the synthesis of the crypto analysis according to 3 macro-parameters: Project, Hype, and Tokenomics.

All AI powered.

dot Project
Evaluates the overall quality of the project: use case, innovation, code quality, technology, market positioning, degree of decentralization…
dot Hype
dot Tokenomics
+280 cryptoassets analyzed
One new cryptoasset a week analyzed

The evaluation of cryptoassets is objective,
completely independent, without any conflict of interest We are totally independent

App features

App features


Avoiding scams and artificially pumped poor initiatives.

Each cryptoasset is carefully analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms by tracking as much data and metrics online and on-chain as available, to provide the user with an overall fundamental analysis of the cryptoasset.


Keep track of your
crypto portfolio

(type, quantity, value, purchase date, profit & loss...) and monitor your Wallet evolution over time. While using the Wish List you can keep track of the cryptoassets of your interest and evaluate the price trend and the FV Score before proceeding with a possible purchase.

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Insights and Weekly Report

Discover and better understand the world of Web3, Blockchain and Cryptoassets by reading our dedicated insights and keep up-to-date with the latest news with our weekly report.

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Account Abstraction: the bridge to Web3
Account Abstraction: the bridge to Web3

One of the main issues that has been discussed for years in the crypto space is how to achieve mass adoption in the coming years by bringing more than 1 billion people from web2 to Web3?

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Bitcoin and ESG criteria: Debunking Myths
Bitcoin and ESG criteria: Debunking Myths

In recent years, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework has emerged as a critical lens through which investors, policymakers and the general public...

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What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?
What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?

In today's age of information, privacy is often declared as the "final frontier". This sentiment is even more profound when we plunge into the world of blockchain, a revolutionary technology characterized by its transparency.